PLOW Self-Propelled Wood Log Splitter with Crawler 18-ton Honda Engine MS1800J-GXC

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The Log Splitter MS1800J-GXC is a self-propelled log splitting machine that completely changes the way firewood is made.

Unlike the conventional log splitters, you can bring the Log Splitter anywhere you want, because it is equipped with crawlers and HONDA hydraulic 18 tons engine.

You can split logs anywhere woods were felled and you do not need to carry heavy logs anymore.

In addition, the Log Splitter can be loaded into a truck by one person.

This is the best log splitter for making firewood by yourself.



Custom-made 18-ton high crushing force cylinder

Custom-made 18t high crushing force cylinder

The custom made cylinder is designed for strong splitting force and high efficiency which performs just 8.5 seconds cycle time.

HONDA GX200 engine

PLOW Wood Log Splitter with Honda GX200 engine.jpeg

Equipped with HONDA GX200, which has a good reputation for driving force.

It provides precise control over the crawlers and cylinders.

Driving system with 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed

Driving system PLOW Wood Log Splitter

Driving speed is 1.4 to 3.0km/h.

On flat grounds, you can drive as fast as walking and feel no stress.

You can slow down and drive carefully on rough terrain by changing the speed with the engine throttle on the steering wheel.

Boat-shaped crawler

Boat-shaped crawler PLOW Wood Log Splitter

The lumbering are done usually in the forests and mountains.

The crawler runs easily on rough terrain and accesses to the places where wood was lumbered.

The improved log cradles

The improved log cradle PLOW Wood Log Splitter

The height of the log cradle is improved by placing closer to the frame to prevent falling log.

Highly durable integrated frame

Wood Log Splitter durable monocoque frame

The highly durable frame firmly holds down the tree and does not let the crushing power escape.

Improved control valve

PLOW Wood Log Splitter with Improved control valve

The sophisticated control valve accurately controls oil flow that maximizes crushing force and shortens cycle time.

Only control valves that have passed the quality test are used.






Splitting force

18 tons

Cycle time

8.5 seconds

Maximum log size

500 mm

Hydraulic oil tank capacity

14 L
(No. 32 hydraulic oil)

Dimensions (when use in horizontal)

Length: 1840 mm
Height: 1000 mm
Width: 650 mm

Frame tilt angle 15 degrees

Dimensions (when use in vertical)

Length: 1740 mm
Height: 1510 mm
Width: 650 mm


284 kg

Country of origin






Air-cooled 4-cycle inclined OHV gasoline engine




196 cc

Fuel tank capacity

3.1 L

Engine oil amount

0.6 L (10-W30 recommended)


Denso W20EPR-U

Driving part

Crawler center distance

460 mm

Crawler width

180 mm

Crawler ground contact length

650 mm

Minimum ground height

120 mm

Steering method

Side clutch + claw type brake

Gear shift system

Sliding selective type

Parking brake

Internal expansion type brake

Gear shift and speeds

Forward 1st: 1.4 km/h
Forward 2nd: 3.0 km/h
Reverse 1st: 1.7 km/h
(Variable with the engine throttle)

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