Paper Pot Seeding Starter Kit (5 Components) for LP353-30

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This is a Paper Pot Seeding Starter Kit designed exclusively for LP353-30 Paper Chain Pot.

For the standard Seeding Starter Kit, please check here.


Paper Pot Seeding Starter Kit will save your labor time.

The Paper Pot Seeding Kit includes everything you need to seed with Paper Chain Pot.



  1. Dibbler - Hole Diameter 15 mm
  2. Drop Seeder - Hole Diameter 4.5 mm
  3. Spreader Frames (2 pcs)
  4. Paper Chain Pot Opening Rods (1 pair)
  5. Brush


You can prepare seeding trays by 6 steps.

  1. Insert Opening Rods to the slots of a Chain Pot at the ends.
  2. Expand the Chain Pot by separating the Opening Rods. Then, put it on a Spreader Frame over a Nursery Tray.
  3. By using a Brush, cover and fill the cells with the soil.
  4. Make seeding holes by pressing a Dibbler.
  5. Sow seeds with a Drop Seeder.
  6. Remove the Spreader Frame and cover the soil firmly.

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