Paddy Field Water Control Irrigation Gate Full Automatic Type with Timer

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This machine is a timer-based water management device for optimal water management for rice.

By setting the timer, it is possible to set the water supply and water stop times, so it is possible to perform appropriate water management in the early stage of rice growth, which is important for rice, leading to an increase in rice yield.

Optimal water management for rice farming is achieved by combining a timer and a water level sensor!

It works for the water canal which is 300 to 400 mm depth.


  • If the water outlet is a U-shaped groove, it can be easily installed.
    (It can be installed even if it does not have a U-shaped groove.)
  • It is easy to install because it is installed with a silicone caulking agent (adhesive).
    (Adhesive is included in the product.)
  • Since it is a water level sensor combination type, the water will automatically stop when the required water level is reached.
  • If you set it to repeat mode, water supply and water stop will be performed every day with one timer set, so the water management effort of the paddy field will be greatly reduced.
  • Water supply and stoppage can also be done manually. (Please do it manually before rice planting.)
  • Three alkaline AA batteries can be used for one season.
  • With battery check function (Buzzer notification)



Weight: 11 kg

Even if the waterway is on the other side across the road, it can be installed by passing the sensor cord through the pipe and using an extension lead. (up to 30m)

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