Otake Rice Huller SY25R

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This is a 4 roll inch class, high performance and productive rice huller (rice husker).

It has an impeller device and Magic-Eye functions that will hull brown rice perfectly and efficiently.

The manufacture developed their impeller system in 1979. The core feature has not been changed since then.



The swing sort system does not damage rice. It sorts rice and foreign matters. Foreign matters will be eliminated and extracted immediately out of the machine.

The impeller device separates 98% of husks from the rice because it is designed to avoid any waste of the rice.

The Magic Eye plus+ feature makes adjustment to the sorting boards automatically for you. The optical sensor is always monitoring the flow of the rice on the sorting boards. The Magic Eye plus+ keeps the best angles of the boards and continues the fine operation. The SY-R series automated the adjustment of the boards that allows easy-operation for everybody.

The sorting board system features stable and efficient sorting that is not affected by the size of the rice.

The SY-R series combine the sorting system and the Magic Eye plus+. As a result, the SY-R series reduce operation failure and maximize the performance. The efficiency is easily controlled just by up and down the supplying lever. The Magic Eye plus+ will do the rest and minor adjustment for you.


Model Name SY25R-M
Efficiency (kg/h) From 900 to 1500
Power (V) 200 (3 phases)
Motor (kW) 2.9

The Number of
Swinging Screens (pcs)

Rice Hull
Carrying Efficiency (m)
Main Shaft Number of Revolution (rpm) 1650
(Between 1500 and 1700)
Diameter of fan x width (mm) 506 x 80
Weight (kg) 264


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