Oshima PG7 Paddy Selection Machine

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Oshima PG7 Paddy Selection Machine is a very small hulling machine designed for using with PMJ2 paddy selection machine. It is easy to handle and is a horizontal type with large diameter net sorting.


Easy to clean and to change the net

Just remove the three thumbscrews on the side to replace the cleaning and changing net. It is easy to do without tools.

Replacement of bag of the brown rice is with exchanging two bags.

Replacement is just exchange of "toyo" exit.

Equipped with rice bran removal device

Equipped with a box that removes and recovers the rice bran that arise during screening. Brown rice, immature rice also finished cleanly.


The dimensions and main specifications are as follows.

Model PG7
Full Length x Full width x Full Height (mm) 810 x 530 x  1190
Capacity (kg/h) 60 to 420
Weight (kg) 25
Required Power (w) 100v 15w

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