Oshima NX800 Infrared Rays Paddy Drying Machine

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Oshima Infrared Rays Paddy Drying Machine NX PRO Series are designed for big business rice farmers.

Infrared Rays function makes drying efficiency up! The drying efficiency also increases with two steps infrared rays and mix hot air.


More quickly and delicious

As the grains circulate inside the machine, "Infrared Rays" radiate uniformly to all grains and so moisture evaporates promptly.

The radiator has a shape that approaches the flow board and irradiates infrared rays in parallel for a long distance. In the upper part of the drying section, the flow of hot air circulating inside the machine is made for more efficiency due to new design. It efficiently mixed the hot air of the infrared heat source and the outside air, so that the mixed hot air spreads unevenly in the machine and promotes drying. Transfer heat to every corner of the grain to make it delicious.

Drying speed becomes very fast as the two steps of infrared rays and mixed hot air.

Updated Safety Navigators

Loaded with the character of bright and easy to see which support "work operation".

It will show information of every moment in each work with letters and graphs, such as "hot air temperature", "predicted drying end time", "dispersion of moisture" etc.

Maintenance notifications are displayed each and every time the drying machine is operated for 750 hours in order to prevent troubles during driving.

More quietly

The sound from the dust exhaust fan is also quiet.

A dedicated fan is fitted with a special silencer. You can work without worrying in the neighborhood at night. The noise was greatly reduced by 6 to 8 decibels from the conventional model. (Our conventional ratio, utility model.)

The sound of grain circulation became very quiet because there is an attached soundproof board on elevator and the top of the main unit is made to prevent noisy sound. The paddy was made to slide off, so the sound of the grain of the dryer is quiet as well.

More Cleanly

Dust removal prevents dust deposition inside the drying machine.

Collect the accumulated dust in the exhaust passage with the left and right screws and pull out of machine by the upper granulation dust collector. It reduces scattering of dust from the dust-collecting fan and prevents accumulation of dust in the drying machine.

Moisture control

Grind the single particle moisture meter one-by-one and calculate the average value of moisture.

Compared to the conventional type, we have made doubles of measurements and more accurate moisture control. Also equipped with "forward/ reverse function" in which the take-in screw rotates in reverse before moisture measurement. Since forcibly discharging contaminants, measurement accuracy has been further improved.

Low cost for agricultural by controlling power usage


Minimum working capacity: 800 kg
Maximum working capacity: 8000 kg  
Electric requirment: 3P/200V   
Moisture reducing capacity: 0.7-0.9%
Run time to full drying: 39-44 mins

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