Oshima MRP6000 Hulling Machine MR PRO

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This Rice Hulling Machine MRP6000 is a whole machine, high performance, high efficiency equipped swing hulling machine.


To high quality rice by returning into Coarse selection machine

Coarse selection machine sorts and collects foreign matter mixing in rice such as "rice mock smut", "straw", "stone", "wood piece", "cut straw" etc. by cylindrical rotating net. By removing foreign materials, troubles of hulling machine are reduced, work efficiency up and high-quality rice is finished up.

To a safe work

Automatic control while no paddy. Dedicated drive motor is mounted on the screened version. Screen section only will be automatically stopped when there is no supply of rice. Once the supply of paddy starts again, it will restart to prevent rice from entering the finishing process.

Automatic rubber roll clearance control. When you start driving, set the desired roll interval automatically. During work, it will automatically close only the reduced rolls and keep the stable removal rate.

Usage of large selection screen which realizes high efficiency and high selection. Dedicated motor is installed in the sorting section.

There is no influence of the load fluctuation of the roll, keeping the driving of the sorting board constant and the efficiency is stabilized. The swing sorting board is enlarged, the processing capacity is also improved, and the sorted area with a margin is selected with high accuracy.

Convinced Reliable Design

The sorting board is equipped with a light that illuminates the board surface. By combining with a large inspection window, work in a dark place can also be seen well in the sorting state and a reliable adjustment work can be done.

Convinced Reliable Design

Dust suction device with beautiful finish. Equipped with high durability for professional use Rice-bran adhere to brown rice is surely removed and finishing is clean by the exhaust fan with special motor.

Maintenance design

Cover can be opened without tools so that cleaning of parts and replacement of belt can be done easily. Making the screw part as a drawer tray and the residual rice can be collect easily.


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