Oshima MR505R Auto-Rolled Type Hulling Machine

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MR505R Auto-Rolled Type Hulling Machine is a new proposal for a roll type that expands options for hulling machines.

MR505R uses the same body as the jet type hulling machine MR505J, and it meets customers needs as "Choose 5 inches".



About Roll Type

Roll type is a method of taking out unpolished rice from paddy using difference in rotation of two rolls.

Returning coarse selection device

Making high quality rice. Prior to the industry, it is equipped as rice paddy for business use, and "Returning coarse selection equipment" which is receiving great reactions as a standard equipment.

What is a return coarse selection device? Coarse selection machine sorts and collects foreign matter mixing in rice such as "rice mock smut", "straw", "stone", "wood piece", "cut straw" etc. by cylindrical rotating net and discharge it outside the machine.

By removing foreign materials, troubles of hulling machine are reduced, work efficiency up and high-quality rice is finished up.

Automatic control - Easy driving with automatic control

Automatic rubber roll clearance control. At first, set the numerical value of the interval, clearance adjustment of the roll is done automatically.

Control of no paddy

When the inside of the tank becomes empty by the sensor mounted on the sliding rice tank, the sorting board is stopped to prevent the entry of rice into finished rice. The sorting board stops when the scrub rice is reduced and the tank becomes lighter.

Function to support comfortable work - Reliable design with professional accept

Boards that light up sorting board surfaces. Even if the workplace is dark, you can see the sorting situation clearly with the sorting plate light. Also, by adopting LEDs for lighting, power consumption is 35% off.

Motor thermal. By installing motor thermal, it protects the motor from overcurrent.

International standard IE 3 type Equipped with state-of-the-art latest model 3-phase motor. Energy saving is realized by equipping high efficiency motor.

Ease of maintenance - Reliable maintenance design

Maintenance is indispensable as the treatment cost increases in recent years. In the MR505R, the cover can be opened without tools so that cleaning of parts and replacement of the belt can be done easily.


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