Oshima MR405J Jet Type Hulling Machine MR-J Series

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Oshima Jet Type Hulling Machine MR-J Series are confident product as a result of built up on time and nature. Appears with swaying yellow color basic and new color combination.


New design of sorting section to ensure stable efficiency

We review all frames and sorting boards that make up the sorting section to separate rice and brown rice clean and clearly.

MR205J type implements stable sorting function with three sorting boards! MR 305J type implements sorting with seven sheets by increasing the number of sorting boards compared to the conventional 3-inch class! (Effective area of sorting board increased by 16% compared with conventional type) MR405J type is 7, MR505J type is 9 large sorting boards implemented and realizing sorting clearly! By integrating the sorting board and sorting frame, maintained a stable sorting state and further improved the durability.

MR-J Series The 6 Benefits

No adjustment required! In the jet system, since rubber rolls are not used, it is not necessary to adjust the roll interval as in conventional one.

Optimum Storage. Since there is almost no damage to brown rice, it is possible to control deterioration during storage. (The deterioration time varies according to storage environment and condition of paddy.)

Brown Rice is really beauty. In Jet Type system, there is almost no skewness and damage and very glossy and pretty brown rice is finished.

Very silent hulling sound. It is a very loud sound "Goo" that occurs when hulling. The jet system does not have this sound, so the conversation you are working on is OK.

It is not influenced by the state of the grain. Natural dry rice, organic rice, high moisture rice are possible to wipe out the paddy which are difficult in roll type system. Even in this case, there is almost no grain damage.

Advantage of Durability. Because it is linked with stable swaying selection, the wipe out rate is 80 to 85%. Due to the low number of rotations of the jet fan, the endurance time of the fan becomes long, and it is possible to drive without exchanging time more than double of the roll type. (MR 405 J and  505 J)

Trusted Jet Roll Type

The jet pump method is not a method of rubbing rice, but a method to jump out the brown rice by using the quality of grain. As the brown rice completed in natural glossy condition, roll parts is not necessary adjustments and significant reduction of working sound, the works become comfortable.

Contact with the liner on the outer part with frictional resistance and compressibility, the grains split proportionally.

New development!

Used a newly developed dipper line fin. Reduce the force applied directly to the rice and gently raise it up to further improve the finish precision of brown rice and at the same time pursued high durability thoroughly. (Excluding MR205J)

Full function looking at the next generation

Prior to the industry, it was installed in a rice hull for industry use, and it received a big response "return coarse selection device". 

This full-feature function is also equipped as standard on MR405J type and MR505J type. Remove foreign objects such as dry stalks, wood pieces, mud balls, stones and rice straw while circulating, and supply clean paddy again to the roll part. (MR405J.505J)

In addition to the "returning coarse selection device", a full-featured function for industry use "control without grain" was also standard equipped.

When the amount of ground rice becomes small in the sliding tank, the sensor catches and the sorting board is automatically stopped. It will start when the pickled rice is supplied again. Since the sorting board is not in an empty state and the sorted state is maintained, it is very convenient to prevent re-setting of each part and mixing of unsorted rice due to shortage of rice on the sorting board. The hands-free operation of the hulling machine becomes possible, greatly improving workability. (MR 405J.505J)

Fulfillment equipment to support comfortable work

"7 points" that emphasize workability for easier to use, cleaner, even higher quality rice.


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