Oshima BG60C Coarse Selection Machine

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Oshima BG60C Coarse Selection Machine has outstanding processing capacity with large diameter net.

This is a high spec coarse selection machine..


Sorting Ability

The large diameter selection net demonstrates its power to remove foreign matter and straw.

Two types of net of 2.7 mm and 3.0 mm are prepared. Furthermore, in accordance with the ability of the hulling machine, we adopted the "grain automatic supply method" that controls the amount of paddy input, and realized stable sorting.

Variety of layout properties

The discharge window of the paddy can be set to hulling machine of most manufacturers. Furthermore, it is possible to set the foreign matter discharge window in two left and right directions according to the working environment.

Selectable foreign material discharge direction (photo is right discharge) enabling versatile layout.

Rice paddle outlet and dust suction kit (option)

Creating a comfortable working environment

Optional dust suction kit available.

Removal of dust in the tank and cleaning work is realized.


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