OCHIAI Combine Tea Leaf Plucking & Pruning Machines TFS-03

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It will take at least 4 months for the lead time due to build to order.


Lightweight and compact Riding type tea-leaf Plucking & Pruning Machines.

You can operate the throttle of the reaper engine on the main unit side.

OCHIAI is a leading manufacturer of tea-leaf picker with superior quality, having been accepted for decades worldwide, as well as Japan.


  • Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to operate. Excellent work performance with a small turn!
  • Adjust the width by operating the hydraulic lever from 1600 to 1800mm.
  • Plucking machine central height 500 to 940mm, the largest cutting width in the class.
  • A chain transfer method is used to discharge the twigs from the pruning machine attachment. 
  • A special carrying car (sold separately) that is available for conveniently attaching and detaching and storing the shearing machine attachment!


Biggest model OCHIAI OHC-11VB.


Model TFS-03
Dimension Length [mm] 2805
Width [mm] 2095 (at wheel distance 1800mm)
Height [mm] 1760
Wheel distance (mm) 1600 to 1800
Pruning unit central height (mm) 500 to 940
Safe climbing angle Max 17 degree
Work safety angle Max 15 degree
Driving speed 0 to 5.2 km/h (forward)
Engine Type Air cooling single cylinder 4 cycle gasoline engine
Displacement 391 cc
Rated output 9.6kW(13.0PS)/3600rpm
Starting method Starter motor
Harvesting part Clipper type plucking unit shallow cut unit
Leaf container Bag type 20 kg x 4 bags
Operating efficiency Higher than 10 a per hour
Crawler part Rubber crawler 180 x 72 x 46
Attachments Twig pruning unit
Cutting smoother
Harvest and discharge unit

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