Nursery Tray Installation Conveyor Machine BW-4A 900-1800trays/h

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It is a machine for arranging seedling boxes.

In human work, it is a heavy labor that requires you to bend down and line up many times, which puts a strain on your lower back.

With this machine, all you have to do is set the seedling tray while standing. The machine will automatically line up the trays.



Nursery trays are lined up without bending your hips

You can work comfortably without back pain.

Just set the seedling box on the machine. The machine will automatically move backward and line up the seedling boxes.

It will contribute to productivity improvement.

For example, in the case of 20,000 nursery trays and 1000 trays arranged at one time,

With this machine, you can reduce your working time from 60 minutes to 40 minutes.

Where the required number of people was eight, three people can cover it.

Furthermore, the work efficiency of 10 minutes has been improved by 40-70 trays compared to the conventional product.

Speed controller

It can be adjusted from a low speed that can be started safely to a high speed that is highly efficient.

Battery power

Because it is electric, you can work quietly and cleanly. It's easy to charge and replace the battery.

Slide mechanism

The conveyor section slides left and right. It is easy to adjust when aligning.

Double steering

The steering rod is double.

It is easier to handle and easier to move.


The conveyor part can be folded, making it convenient for moving and storing.


Model Number BW-4A

In use: 2540 x 2500 x 840 mm

In storage: 1780 x 2500 x 840 mm

Weight 220 kg

900-1800 trays / h

at continuous work

Power supply Automotive battery 55B24R
Power DC12V 77W DC motor
Slide adjustment width Left and right 13 cm each


It was also featured in the Japan Agricultural News.

It will be a solution to the decrease in the number of farmers and the aging of the population, and can contribute to the expansion of the scale of agriculture.

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