Nursery Tray Installation Conveyor Machine BB-352

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With the Nursery Tray Conveyor, the loading time of the nursery trays can be greatly reduced, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

The movement distance can be minimized by pivotting the belt conveyor part in a orbit shape without the worker holding a heavy seedling trays and moving around.

The working time can be greatly reduced to 1/5 to 1/10. In addition, the switch operation is started and stopped by the limit switch, so you can work comfortably according to the operator.


  • Since the belt conveyor part turns, the movement distance of the operator can be minimized.
  • By operating the two limit switches, there is no need to start and stop manually.
  • You can choose between one-person work and two-person work by switching the switch.
  • It is easy to move because it is a three-wheeled vehicle.
  • By reversing the belt conveyor, it can also be used when arranging boxes.
  • Since the belt conveyor is foldable, it does not take up storage space. Can be loaded even on a small pickup truck.
  • Since it is a battery motor, it can be used without a power supply.


Model BB-352
Length 3850 mm
2400 mm (when folded)
Width 1360 mm
Height 900 mm
1030 mm (when folded)
Weight 119 kg
Power Battery-powered DC12V-120W
Radius 2050 mm

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