Musou Brush Cutter Attachment Twin Blades Type TWB-230

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This is a brush cutter attachment with twin blades which features safety, durability and high-quality.

Upper and lower double blades type for reducing stone bouncing, kickback.

It promises safe weeding work.


  • Suppresses stone jumping and kickback with scissors cutting with upper and lower blades
  • The original gear structure which performs outstanding durability, overwhelming sharpness and noise reduction during work with high-quality Japanese blades
  • It achieves fuel efficiency equivalent to that of a conventional chip saw
  • Just put it on the ground and slide it for easy mowing
  • Easy to replace blades and easy to maintain!
  • It can cut grass in all directions 360° and improve work efficiency by reciprocating mowing regardless of location
  • It works quietly ideal for residential areas where noise is a problem

It is useful for mowing in places where there are many stones, such as parking lots, road edges, median strips, etc., where stone jumping should never occur, and where there is a risk of cable disconnection, such as solar power plants.

Since there is no kickback, it is also useful for mowing water edges such as paddy fields and bunker edges on golf courses.


  • Dimensions: 230mm x 230mm x 107mm
  • Blade diameter: Φ230mm
  • Number of blades: 18 upper blades 15 lower blades
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Cutting grass height: 25mm

Application notes

  • This product cannot be attached to brush cutters with a pipe diameter of Φ26 mm or larger.
  • Please ask us in advance as it cannot be attached to brush cutters with drive shaft shapes other than those listed in the compatible model list.
  • Recommended using this product with a brush cutter with an engine displacement of 23cc to 26cc.
  • Brush cutters of less than 23cc lack rotational force and may stop due to excessive load in areas with a lot of grass.
  • If you use a brush cutter with a displacement larger than 26cc, turning it at high speed may put a load on the gear part and cause a malfunction.

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