MLSS/Sludge Level Meter

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MLSS/Sludge Level Meter

For industrial waste water, human waste treatment facilities.



Model Name MLSS/Sludge Level Meter : SS-10Z (with Water Depth Measuring Function)
Measurement Activated Sludge Density, Zone Surface (Water Depth) of Sediment Tank and Sludge Density
Measuring Method

MLSS : Near-Infrared Pulse Transmission light System

Sludge Level (Water Depth): Semiconductor Temperature Sensor System

Measuring Range

MLSS: 0  E0000mg/i (max.30000mg/f display)

Sludge Level: 0-5m(max. 10m display with prolonged cable)


MLSS: 10mg/f (within 0-10000mg/E ) 100mg/t (within 10000-30000mg/t )

Sludge Level: 0.01m


MLSS: within ±3%(FS) under certain conditions

Sludge Level: within ±3%(FS) under certain conditions


Liquid Crystal Display

MLSS: LCD 4 digits(upper)

Memory: LCD 2 digits

Sludge Level: LCD 4 digits(lower)


Select one of 6 Modes.


1) Food and dairy Sludge Mode A.

2) Food and dairy Sludge Mode B.

3) Sewage disposal/combine Septic Tank Sludge Mode.

4) Human Waste Disposal Sludge Mode.

5) Deposit Tank concentrated Sludge Mode A.

6) Deposit Tank concentrated Sludge Mode B.

Zone Surface Measurement

"ALM", "mg/f" blinks over 15000 mg/f.

Water depth display at "ALM", "mg/f" blinking shows sludge zone surface.

Calibration Method


1) One-point Calibration (zero calibration only)

2) Tow-point Calibration (Zero and Span Calibration) +Span Calibration should be done by Sludge of known Density.

3)  3-4 point Calibration (Zero, Span and Middle-Point Calibration) +Span calibration should be done by Sludge of known Density, and Middle-Point Calibration by diluted Sludge 

Water Depth : Auto Zero Calibration at the time of throwing Power Source.

Self diagnosis Battery Voltage, Detector, Disorder Calibration Disorder, Scale Over
Memory Max. 30 data

Dust-Proofed, Water-Proofed, corresponding to IP67

(under the condition of Connector Plug and the Meter correctly connected)

Power Source DC4.5V(LRO3 x 3) Auto power off after 30 Minutes.
Dimensions 70(W) x 170(D) x 36(H)mm
Weight Approx. 290g

??Because of product improvement, these specifications may be changed without notice.

Detector Specifications

Model Name MLSS/Sludge Level Detector : SSD-10Z(with Pressure Sensor)
Cable length 6m Standard(possible max. 11m)
Dimensions ρE0 x 214
Weight Approx. 800g
Materials ABS, SUS304
Unable to test Sample with organic Solvent, strong Acid Sample, Sample with strong Oxidizer

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