Mitsubishi Reaper Binder 2 wheels 2 rows MB225DH New Model

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2 wheels 2 rows 5.0PS NEW MODEL.

Compared to the conventional model, the power of the engine has been improved, and a new low-noise engine has been installed.

Excellent workability even in wet fields with the best balance. Introducing the new reaper binder series, which is packed with high functionality, powerful work, ease of use, and enhanced safety and maintainability.



Reaper Binder Features 1

Equipped with a powerful engine that clears emission regulations

With clean and high power, it demonstrates stable power even under adverse conditions.

Reaper Binder Features 2

Easy engine start with storage type recoil

The engine can be started easily with a light force by adopting a storage type recoil. You can start the engine in an easy-to-pull position.

Reaper Binder Features 3

Work powerfully even in wet fields with the best balance design

Since the center of gravity is near the center of the machine, it is easy to balance and you can work with peace of mind even in wet fields.

Operability and workability

Reaper Binder Features 4

The layer thickness is always constant due to the cutting synchronization mechanism

It always transports materials at a constant volume from low-speed work to high-speed work, and demonstrates stable binding performance even under adverse conditions.

Reaper Binder Features 5

Light work with cutting auto clutch (MB213D / 225DH)

When the cutting work is set to "automatic", the presence or absence of rice plants is detected and the cutting clutch is automatically turned on and off. You can switch to "manual" for wet field work and lodging materials.

Reaper Binder Features 6

Wheels can be easily raised and lowered for light work even in wet fields (MB113)

The wheels can be easily moved up and down, which is convenient when working in wet fields.

Reaper Binder Features 7

Easy operation with shuttle shift

In addition to expanding the work range with 3 forward steps and 3 reverse steps with movement speed, switching can be done smoothly with a simple operation of one lever. (MB113 is one step backward)

Reaper Binder Features 8

Semi-automatic stringing function to improve work efficiency (MB225DH)

Work efficiency is improved because the troublesome string thread can be replaced quickly just by turning the handle.

Reaper Binder Features 9

Large bundle to small bundle can be selected according to the working conditions

The size of the bundle can be adjusted in 5 steps. The adaptability of each work is good, and work efficiency is improved.


Reaper Binder Features 10

Engine emergency stop switch(MB213 / 225)

The engine stops as soon as you press the switch, so you can rest assured in case of emergency.

Reaper Binder Features 11

Parking brake

Equipped with a manual parking brake. It is safe because it has a structure that takes safety into consideration.

Reaper Binder Features 12

Start safety switch

It is a safety mechanism that the engine does not start unless the shuttle lever is set to the "stop" position.

Maintenance, etc.

Reaper Binder Features 13

Easy inspection grease nipple

To improve durability, a grease nipple is used for the cutting chain case for daily maintenance and inspection.

Reaper Binder Features 14

Easy maintenance without tools

The case cover can be removed without tools, which is convenient for daily inspection and cleaning.

Reaper Binder Features 15

Storage stand

The stable storage stand prevents the tires from deforming during long-term storage.

Reaper Binder Features 16

Intensive lubrication (MB213D / 225DH)

Simply push the lubrication lever to ensure that the cutting blade is raised and the chain binding part is lubricated.

Reaper Binder Features 17

Oil bottle / sickle pocket

Equipped with a convenient pocket that can safely store the sickle and oil bottle.

Reaper Binder Features 18

Falling Divider (MB225DH)

Supports raising when lying down and allows smooth work.

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