MITSUBISHI Multipurpose Compact Tiller/Tractor MV170

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The Mitsubishi Multipurpose Compact Tiller/Tractor MV170 was created to make vegetable farming more efficient and easier.

By making farm work more versatile, the work load and work time are greatly reduced, and the scale expansion is strongly supported.

Eight levels of adjustment are possible with a combination of optional parts.

Various attachments are also available for pesticides, tilling/weeding, fertilizing and harvesting work.


With a minimum ground clearance of 420 mm, there is no need to worry about damaging crops that straddle during work.

Suitable for all ridge widths without damaging crops.

Three types of optional spacers are available to accommodate all ridge widths.

Tread Wheel Spacer
1,140mm Inner side Unnecessary
1,200mm Inner side 30mm
1,240mm Inner side 50mm
1,300mm Inner side 80mm
1,360mm Inner side 30mm + 80mm
1,400mm Inner side 50mm + 80mm
1,430mm Outside Unnecessary
1,490mm Outside 30mm

Equipped with a tough L3E engine with a displacement of 952cc. Since it exerts high torque from low to high revs, it is powerful in all kinds of work. In addition, low vibration and low noise reduce fatigue during work.

The hydraulic lift / automatic control is located on the right side of the driver's seat, and the PTO and drive levers are located on the left side. Since the levers are grouped by function, you can operate it smoothly.


MV170 attachment 1

Tillage rotary [RM212 series]

MV170 attachment 2

Weeding cultivator

MV170 attachment 3

Sprayer [BSM201-3JP]

MV170 attachment 4

Tillage disk [DC201 series]

MV170 attachment 5

Tillage rotary [CF206 series]

MV170 attachment 6

Suppression roller [RXG-160N]

MV170 attachment 7

Onion digging machine

MV170 attachment 8

Potato Digger

MV170 attachment 9

Mulch-removing machine [DR-202]


Model Number MV170
Drive system 4 wheels drive
Dimensions Length (mm) 2450 (include lower link)
Width (mm) 1350
Height (mm) 1915
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 420
Weight (kg) 710
Engine Name L3E-J219A
Type Water-cooled 4-cycle 3-cylinder diesel
Total displacement (L) 0.952
Output / rotation speed
(kW {PS} / rpm)
12.5 {17.0} / 2600
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel tank capacity (L) 13
Battery (V/Ah) 12/36
Driving part Wheel Front wheel 130/90-21
Rear wheel 130/90-21
Wheelbase (mm) 1305
Tread Front wheel 1140/1430
Rear wheel 1140/1430
Clutch method Dry type single plate clutch
Brake type Wet disc type
Steering method Power steering
Shift method Constant meshing type + Select Sliding
Shift Front 9, back 3
Driving speed Forward (km/h) 0.56 to 12.3 [max 13.3]
Reverse (km/h) 0.72 to 7.6 [max 8.2]
Minimum turning radius (m) 2.0
PTO Rotational
Clockwise (rpm) 591/788/1258
Counter-Clockwise (rpm) 839
Shaft diameter (shaft type) (mm) JIS35
lifting device
Control method Positioning control + PAC
Mounting method 3PH JIS 0 Type
Maximum lift (kN{kgf}) 6.0 {610}

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