Minoru Semi Automatic Vegetable Transplanter VT-20

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Semi-automatic transplanter for planting seedlings with soil grown in the cell plug trays!

Ideal for wide planting distance crops like Lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, green onions and more.


  • Put the soiled seedlings grown in the cell plug trays into the cup one by one and the Transplanter will plant them automatically.
  • The opening force of the cup is about twice as strong as that of the conventional model (VT-2).
  • Can be used for a wide range of crops such as cabbage and broccoli.
  • The planting distance can be changed at 16.6, 20, 25 and 31 cm as standard. 19 different distances are available as an option. 24 different planting distances are available in total.
  • The planting part can slide horizontally steplessly and the planting position can be changed freely.
  • Even 3 rows planting is possible by going and returning on a soil bed.




Model type Walk behind type 1 row transplanter (possible to plant 2 to 4 rows by going and returning)
Dimensions (mm) L 1600 x W 1250 x H 1100
Weight (kg) 63
Engine Part
Engine model EH025
Engine mechanism Air cooled 4 cycle gasoline engine

Output / RPM

Rating: 0.5kW(0.7PS) / 7000rpm
Max: 0.7kW(1.0PS) / 7000rpm

Fuel type Regular gasoline for automobile
Fuel capacity (L) 0.5
Ignition Method Recoil starter
Driving Part
Number of gears Forward: 1
Wheel diameter 360 mm (2 wheels at left and 1 wheel at right)
Driving wheels Two left wheels
Wheel track distance 73 to 140 cm (stepless)
Driving speed 0.10 to 0.13 m/s (include slip ration 5%)
Planting Part
Number of rows 1 (possible to plant 2 to 4 rows by going and returning)
Ridge Height (cm) 15 to 30
Row distance stepless
Row distance adjustment Sliding the planting part and fix with a T-shaped bolt
Planting Distance (cm) 16.6, 20, 25 and 31 (Standard)
Planting distance adjusting method Claw method
Loadable extra nursery trays(pcs) 2
Planting position 30 to 70 cm (at 20cm ridge height and the distance from the center of the left wheel)
Seedling condition
Seedling height Up to 12 cm
Recommended tray POT220, POT324


Dimension (mm) L1240 x W1250 x H920
Gross Weight (kg) 90 kg
M3 1.426


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