Minoru POT448 Plug Tray, Cell Flat 30 pcs/box

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Pot 448 has 448 holes (cells) per flat.

This item includes 30 flats in a case.


  • The seedlings of rice and multiple kinds of leek can be grown in this Pot 448 after sowing.
  • The Pot 448 will be used with some models of the Minoru Transplanters.
  • The Pot 448 will save space by reducing the nursing space especially onions.
  • Each cell has a Y-shaped slit on the bottom. It helps to drain extra amount of water. The small spaces also can be utilized by the seedlings to extend their roots and absorb nutrients from the soil.
  • The Pot 448 can open and close the valve easily. The seedlings will be taken out without damage.
  • 30 tray per box.


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