MINORU Paddy field Weeding Machine 4 row type KE3 + KWM4

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Mid-mount system with high weeding effect.


  • Small turning is also possible with the three-wheel type traveling unit.
  • The weeding section is placed on the mid mount.
    It is easy to check the front and work conditions and prevent line deviation.
  • Adaptation interval is 30㎁E/li>
  • Working speed 1.2m / s.
  • The work efficiency is about 10a/20min.


Power tiller

Model Name KE-3
Drive System

3 wheel drive

Dimension (mm) 2730
Width (mm) 1346
Hight (mm) 1555
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 454
Engine Model EK30
Engine Type Air-cooled 4-cycle gasoline engine
Total Displacement 0.296 L (296cc)
Output / Speed

5.5kW(7.5 PS) / 3600rpm

Max 7.4kW(10.0PS)/3600rpm

Fuel Unleaded gasoline for automobiles
Fuel Tank 6.0 L
Starting Method Cell starter
Steering method One wheel type (Power steering)
Front  Rubber rug (ρE80mm)
Rear Rubber rug (ρE00mm)
Wheelbase 1695mm
Transmission method Hydraulic transmission (HST)

HST Main transmission: front stepless Reverse stepless

 (Auxiliary transmission: 2 steps)

Work Speed 0-1.2m/s
Safety number 40093


Model Name KWM4
Dimension (mm) 971
Width (mm) 1435
Hight (mm) 813
Weight (kg) 80
Ataptable row 4
Ataptable row width (mm) 30
Efficiency 10a/20-30min

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