Minoru Handy Manual Seeder G-80 for Naked Seeds

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You can easily sow small naked seeds.

Please note that it cannot sow large seeds that can be pinched with your fingers (such as beans) or flattened seeds (such as watermelon, cucumber, burdock and non-round seeds).


  • Various bare/naked seeds can be sowed with 6 sizes of rolls.
  • Just by sliding the surface of the plug tray, you can sow 1 to 5 pieces of small naked seeds at a time.


Model Name G-80 (For naked seeds)
Length 370 mm
Width 100 mm
Height 170 mm
Weight 145 g
Adaptable Cell tray 72 to 200 holes



  1. Remove the lid and put seeds in the seed hopper.
  2. Rotate the driving claw and drop the seeds little to fill the seeds in the roll when you start.
  3. Check the amount of seeds dropped off. Change the roll if necessary.
  4. Put the seeder on the right end of the tray and move it to the left.
  5. Check if seeds are dropping on every cells.
  6. Stop after moving the seeder 10 mm left after dropping seeds on the left end cell.
  7. Move to the next row and repeat from the right end.

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