Minoru Full Automatic Onion Sowing Machine OSE-12H


Sale price¥1,149,145 JPY



Accurate and high-speed Onion Sowing Machine.

The operating efficiency of this Onion Sowing Machine OSE-12H is 1.7 times higher than that of OSE-12.

We reccomend this along with Flat Stacking Machine LSPA-82 and Powerful Soil Conveyor LSPA-61.


Working Flow

1) Tray supply ↁE2) Bed soil supply & suppression ↁE3) Seeding ↁE4) Covering soil



  • Avoid the waste of seeds dropped while the next cell flat is passing.
  • The newly added screen of mesh reduces clods of covering soil.
  • This Full Automatic Onion Sowing Machine does carrying flats, making bed soil, sowing seeds and covering soil.
  • Fine root clumps will be made by the vibrating device and making bed soil twice.
  • The Onion Sowing Machine sows pelleted seeds accurately.
  • This Minoru Full Automatic Onion Sowing Machine OSE-12 is designed for use in medium to large farms.


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