MAX Telescopic Rotary Brush for Washing Greenhouses GH-CG

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A rotary brush that can wash greenhouses and remove light-shielding materials using a water pressure.


  • Easily wash glass and plastic greenhouses. Removes dirt such as moss, sand, and volcanic ash from the greenhouse.
  • Washing speed is 3 to 5 times faster than hand washing. The weight is light, and the operation is just to put it on the house and slide it. Anyone can easily wash it.
  • It is also effective for washing off lime and water-based paints used as light-shielding materials.
  • You can use your power sprayer. The water turbine unit (brush) is rotated at high speed with high-pressure water obtained from a power sprayer to clean it all at once.
  • The illuminance inside the house will increase, and it will be easier to promote daylighting, maintain transparency, and promote photosynthesis in the house.


Model number GH90012
Length 1980 to 5180 mm
Width 243 mm
Height 150 mm
Weight 3.1 kg
Hose inner diameter 8.5 mm
Necessary water amount 7 to 9 L/min
Washing efficiency Approx. 200 m2/hour



・203 cm × 31 cm × 17 cm, 5.5 Kg

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