Matsumoto Edamame Harvester MCBH11

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This driving type harvester will harvest edamame pods and sort edamame pods from its twigs and leaves. It removes twigs and leaves by using a roller and harvests edamame pods. The edamame pods are conveyed to the back and stored in the container. The twigs and leaves are blown out by a fan.

The Harvester operates powerfully and stably even in harsh conditions.


Field protection

The crawler is designed for not damaging the field, and the harvester does not harden the ground between plant beds. (Average grounding pressure is 0.31kg per square cm)

Crawler width: 320 mm, grounding length: 1800 mm

Easy operation

The custom designed handle and steering control driving to all directions constantly stable (Forward and backward continuous variable speed). The harvester turns easily any directions you want. All the control levers are located around the driving seat. A driver can control everything from the seat. Everybody can drive this harvester.

Strong mechanism

It is driven by hydraulic system. By adding toughness, it prevents troubles.


Model number MCBH11
Engine Type Water-cooled 4-cycle 4-cylinder diesel engine
Output 30.5kW(41.5PS)/2500rpm
Starting method Cell motor
Battery 12 V
Dimension Length 5590 mm
Width 2100 mm
Height 2920 mm
Weight 3600 kg
(Average grounding pressure is 0.31kg per square cm)
Track gauge 1200 mm
Harvesting width 1600 mm
Max. safety angle 15 degree
Operationale angle 5 degree
Driving part Hydraulic variable displacement pump
2-speed swash plate piston motor
Sub-shift variable 2 gear speed (both forward and reverse are hydraulic continuously variable speeds)
Rubber type crawler
Conveying system Conveyor type
Storage type Container type 1.5 cubic meter
Operation efficiency 10 a/h (depending on the field conditions)

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