Marumasu Stone Removing Rice Milling Polisher BXP-5F

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  • No leftover rice. The development of a tilting main unit greatly improves the rice milling capacity and discharges all rice without leaving any residue.
  • Brown rice discharge mechanism which suctions, and discharges dirt and dust attached to brown rice.
  • A stepless resistance cam is used to adjust the whiteness of the polished rice.
  • The largest class of pressure feed/suction fan and large split cyclone are used to improve bran removal and low-temperature rice polishing.
  • A 2.5-inch elevator with zero leftover rice is used to transfer rice.


Model name BXP-5F type
Hourly capacity kg/h Brown rice: 270-300
Destoning: 350
Tank capacity kg Staking tank: brown rice 30, paddy 20
Rice mill motor kw 3.7 (Three-phase 200V-4P)
Destoner motor kw 0.1 (Three-phase 200V-4P)
Elevator motor kw 0.09 (Three-phase 200V-4P)
Suction fan motor kw 0.2 (Three-phase 200V-2P)
Safety device Overload protection breaker
Weight kg 307
Size Width x Length x Height mm 901 (1,395 with cyclone) x 1,038 x 1,750

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