Manual-Type Persimmon Peeling Machine K-501

N/ASKU: K-501

Sale price¥22,330 JPY



It is a tool to peel the skin of the hard persimmon.


  • Useful for peeling dried persimmons.
  • Easy, convenient and less tiring.
  • Much faster than the conventional .manual type.
  • With a speed controller.
  • With height adjustment, rechargeable drill screwdrivers can be used in places where there is no power supply if the shape fits. 
  • With a sticker removing function, the sticker can be cut cleanly at the same time as peeling.
  • The electric drill can be removed and used as an electric tool.


Insert the persimmon or to. 
Insert the spear and set it up.
Adjust to your preferred speed.
Peel off.


Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Consumption power 70W
Rotational speed 0-500 min
Maximum torque 0.4 ?` 7.8Nm
Net weight 0.97kg
Rated time Half an hour

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