Makita Cordless Power Assisted Flat Dolly

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Power-Assisted Flat Dolly is a convenient solution for material transport on job sites. 

It engineered for increased dust and water resistance for operation in harsh job site conditions.

Reversible for versatility and convenience.

Interchangeable steel tube flat bed or steel bucket (steel bucket optional)

Batteries and charger are sold separately.


The size of the loading frame can be adjusted by the size of the package.

Adjustment range: (W) 660 to 980 mm (L) 850 to 1095 mm

The maximum loading capacity is 130 kg.

You can carry anything like crops and timber.

Maximum climbing ability is 12 °

Equipped with a powerful brake, downhill is also safe.

Travelable distance is about 7.2km.

Two batteries can be attached

Even one battery drive.

Battery is sold separately.

Stepless adjustment of rear wheel tire width possible

It is convenient for driving on a field or where the road surface is narrow. 

(Adjustment width 480 to 760 mm)

Unicycle Foot [Standard Accessories]

Convenient for traveling on bad roads.

2 high brightness LED lights mounted

Shine brightly even in dimly lit environments and secure visibility. 

Auto-off feature prevents turning off lights.

Compact design that can be loaded into a car

It will be more compact when you fold the handle.

Dust and water resistance


Model Number CU180DZE½E½{A-65470
Motor In-wheel motor
Voltage DC 18V
Maximum speed

Advance: 3.5km / h  or 1.5km / h

Reverse: 1.0km / h

Travelable distance * 1

7.2km (BL1860B x 2 pieces)

E½E½¦ 2 batteries available / with switch

Usable time E½E½¦ 1

120 minutes (BL1860B x 2 pieces)

E½E½¦ 2 batteries available / with switch

Minimum turning radius

1,075 mm

(When rotating around the front wheel)

Maximum climbing ability 12 °
Maximum loading capacity 130 kg

Front wheel: Wire type disc brake

Rear wheel: Fixed pedal type


Advance: Tubeless tire

Reverse: No punk tire

Machine dimensions (length x width x height)

When the pipe frame is attached

Maximum: 1,560 mm x 1,060 mm x 900 mm 

Minimum: 1,110 mm x 670 mm x 820 mm

Mass (including one battery BL1830B)

When the pipe frame is attached

45 kg



E½E½@Only a main part


E½E½@Wheelbarrow type

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