Light-Weight Paddy Field Weeder

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This is a light-weight type paddy field weeder.

Cultivation and herbicide (killing weed) are some of the most important processes in early stage of rice farming.

There are many good reasons to cultivate and kill weeds by the Cultivating and Weeding Machine.

  • Expedite shooting (tillering) of rice plants and make sure rice plants in early stage of planting rice.
  • Increase the temperature of the ground and raise well-sprout rice plants.
  • Reduce bad gas and provide oxygen to the paddy field.
  • Increase the effectiveness of fertilizer.
  • Kill weeds that have stronger resistance against weed killer.


  • 2 rows operation.
  • This is the light-weight model and operated by easily.


Model Name KC25
Dimension (mm) 940 x 420 x 800
Weight (kg) 11.9
Operation Planting Distance (mm) From 270 to 300
Rotor Width (mm) 144
Field Efficiency (a/h) 16

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