Kubota Wheel Loader 32.8 kW R630E

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Sale price¥6,670,000 JPY



Kubota mini wheel loader equipped with an engine that conforms to the 2014 Off-Road Law.

The full lineup has further evolved by powering up the engine output.

In addition to improving the tenacity at this point, we have achieved upgrades everywhere, such as by adopting a digital meter and wide weights. Kubota's unique high performance, such as excellent safety, operability, and maintainability, responds smartly to the needs of all sites.


  • Equipped with an exhaust gas compatible engine
  • One-touch expansion and contraction snow removal, variable legs that LSD demonstrates its power for agricultural work
  • Excellent turning performance with a small radius
  • Equipped with horizontal leveler as standard
  • Digital meter with excellent visibility
  • Both comfort and ease of use
  • Pursuing easy maintenance
  • 4 sizes line-up (R430M / R430E / R530E / R630E)

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