Kubota Vegetable Transplanter Round-trip 2-rows Field-planting SKP-101W

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Vegetable Transplanter that plants 2 rows in a round trip.


Wheel Distance 900 ~ 1525mm

The wheel distance can be freely adjusted from 900 to 1525 mm, and it corresponds to many cultivation systems.

Compact and easy to handle.

Horizontal & vertical hydraulic automatic control

Regardless of the field conditions, you can always plant at a stable depth.

The Monroe mechanism automatically hydraulically controls the horizontal tilt of the body.

The height of the ridge is detected and the height of the body is automatically controlled by hydraulic pressure.

High speed and high precision planting

Rotary type planting / seedling mechanism

High-speed planting enables reliable planting without damaging the seedlings.

Take out manual labor

Equipped with sensors that detect the start and end of planting in front of and behind the body. It can plant all over the ridge.

Easy operation

The operation lever is concentrated at hand.

1) One touch planting distance control
The planting distance can be easily adjusted with a 1 cm pitch. Even if the sense of distance changes due to sloping land, etc., it can be adjusted instantly, so uniform planting can be performed.
2) Main clutch
No need to worry about sudden starts.
3) Emergency stop switch
The engine can be stopped with a single touch.
4) Monroe lock lever
The Monroe lock is automatically released when the body rises when turning. You can safely turn even on sloping ground.
5) Covering pressure
6) Planting depth
It can be adjusted by each lever. The lever position differs depending on the model. Please check with the actual device.
* Image is SKP-100M

Folding spare seedling stand

The left and right seedling stand can be easily folded and stored, which is convenient for storage in a warehouse.


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