Kubota Vegetable Transplanter 1 row Multi-planting SKP-101M

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Vegetable Transplanter 1 row agricultural multi sheet planting.

Large heat multi-cut heater

A unique swing mechanism minimizes the size of sheet holes.

Tread expansion

Expand the tread up to a maximum of 60 cm. It also supports the chinese cabbage transplant system.

Cup dirt remover

The soil removal performance on the rear side of the cup has been improved.

Seedling picking claw

Improved seedling picking performance and durability.


Easy operation

The operation lever is concentrated at hand.

Clean engine & large capacity fuel tank

Equipped with 4.8L large capacity fuel tank, it is easy to work for a long time. The refueling port is on the front.

Use the rear stand as an empty tray holder

It can also be used as an empty tray holder by raising the rear stand.

LED headlight

Night waork is also sage with the light.

Stand one-touch operation

The front and rear stands can be easily opened and closed with one-touch.


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