Kubota Full Automatic Vegetable Transplanter 1 row Field-planting SKP-101

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Full Automatic Vegetable Transplanter 1 row Field-planting standard model.


Easy operation

The operation lever is concentrated at hand.

Seedling picking claw

Improved seedling picking performance and durability.

Clean engine & large capacity fuel tank

Clean engine & large capacity fuel tank

Equipped with 4.8L large capacity fuel tank, it is easy to work for a long time. The refueling port is on the front.


LED headlight

Night work is also sage with the light.

Stand one-touch operation

The front and rear stands can be easily opened and closed with one-touch.

Folding spare seedling stand

The left and right seedling stand can be easily folded and stored, which is convenient for storage in a warehouse.


Planting speed 0.55m / sec

High-speed and highly efficient planting work can be performed.

Suitable for a wide range of planting space

Widely applicable between 18 to 80 cm. It can be set every 1 cm.



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