Kubota Semi-automatic Riding Vegetable Transplanter w/Large tires KP-201CRL

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Semi-automatic Vegetable transplanter Riding type.

Large tire model.


Light weight / Compact body

Can be mounted on a truck easily.

Easy handling in narrow fields.

Weight: 275kg, Length: 214.5cm

Wide range of planting

Space pf rows : 30-60 cm (7 gears)

Space of plants : 24-72 cm (36 gears)

Tread width : 91-131 cm  (stepless)

2 rows planting

Forward riding

The operator can sit down in a posture facing the direction of travel.

You can select and put only healthy seedlings in the hopper on the front turntable.

Optimal operation balance

The handle pushing load is light and you can easily turn without large power.

Manual monroe

Even on sloping land or uneven fields, you can keep the planting area horizontal with one lever while watching the leveler on the front of the machine.

Hydraulic automatic lifting function

The height of the ridge is detected, and the aircraft is automatically controlled to move up and down hydraulically according to a slight level difference. Can be planted at a certain depth.

One-touch plant space adjustment

You can adjust the distance between plants with one touch. You can fine-tune the distance between stocks according to the slopes going up and down.


You can select and plant only healthy seedlings. No need for additional planting.

Easy tread adjustmen

The wheels can be floated and adjusted by one person. Preparation work is easy.



Model Name KP-201CRL
Size (mm) 2145 x 1325 x 1530
Weight (kg) 290
Engine output (kwE½mpsE½n) 2.3 E½m3.1E½n
Working speed (m/s) 0.30
Moving speed (m/s) 0.94
Work type Riding type 2 rows staggered planting
Planting method Planting cup
Suitable crop Lettuce, Cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Broccoli, Sweet corn
Suitable seedling Cell molding seedling (200 holes, 128 holes)
Suitable ridge height (cm) 10-35
Space of rows  30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 (7 gears)
Tread adjustment 91-131 (Stepless)
Space of plants 24-72 (36 gears)
Efficiency (h/10a) 1.5-2.5

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