Kubota Semi-automatic Potatoes Transplanter KP100E-90JLLX

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Semi-automatic potatoes transplanter.

This model can also be used for taro.

You can deeply plant seed potatoes on both multi-seat and bare ground.


  • For Potatoes, Taro


Adaptation row for each model

Unit: cm

Seed potato feeding cup and drill board [NEW]

Just put seed potatoes in the cup, you can plant easily.

Since the planting cup rotates continuously, the supply of seed potatoes is smooth.

Depending on the type and size of the seed potato, it can also be planted except for the threshold plate.

Increased number of seedlings [NEW]

The number of containers that can be loaded has been increased from the previous two to three.

Longer continuous work can be done. When not in use, it can be folded for compact storage.

Highly efficient work is possible [NEW]

Up to 3600 seed potatoes can be planted per hour. 

Deep planting of 15cm is possible [NEW]

A large hopper dedicated to seed potatoes allows deep planting of 15cm.

Large seed potatoes can be planted reliably, and in the case of multi, planting marks can be made as small as possible.

By adding a hopper opening / closing lever, mud can be removed quickly when mud gets inside the hopper.

Hydraulic ridge height automatic tracking (automatic mechanism)

The height of the ridge is detected, and the aircraft is automatically controlled to move up and down hydraulically according to a slight level difference. Can be planted at a certain depth.

??Flat ground

Hydraulic automatic leveling (Monroe mechanism)

It can be planted in the center of the ridge because the aircraft is held horizontally on left and right slopes and uneven ground.


Automatic wheel pack lift [NEW]

When turning and moving to the next ridge, the pressure wheel will rise in conjunction with the rise of the aircraft.

Prevents ridges from collapsing due to contact with the wheel.

For Taro planting [NEW]

The range between stocks has been expanded to 16-51mm.

It can also be used for transplanting a wide variety of potatoes. You can also plant Taro.

One-touch stand [NEW]

The parking stand has been changed from the conventional pin method to the one-touch method. The stand can be taken in and out easily and quickly.

??Image of the stand extended and stored

Centralized control lever at hand

Planting and raising / lowering the aircraft can be easily performed with a single lever.

One-touch adjustment of planting depth and strain

Depending on the type of seedling, planting depth and switching between stocks can be done easily.

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