Kubota Riding Type Semi-Automatic Onion Transplanter 4 Rows KP-4T

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The Onion Transplanter featuring "Simultaneous 4-row planting" and "Semi-automatic riding type".

A semi-automatic transplanter which plants 4 rows at the same time by simply suppling seedlings to the cups while riding the machine.



High efficiency / precision planting

A semi-automatic type that simply selects healthy seedlings and supplies them to the cups while riding the machine. You can plant 4 rows at the same time, so you can work efficiently and easily.

Easy to supply seedlings

The 26 seedling supply cups on each side of the turntable rotate parallel to the seat so that seedlings can be supplied smoothly and continuously.

When the seedling supply cannot keep up with the supply, you can easily pause by pressing the stop pedal at the foot of the seat.

Good front and rear visibility

Since the seats are installed parallel to the ridge, it is easy to check the direction of movement and improving posture during planting.

4 useful features

  1. Attaching a hood reduces the burden on workers during transplant work in cold weather. *KP-4TS is standard, KP-4T is optional parts.
  2. A total of four containers can be loaded, one on each side of the sheet, allowing continuous work even on long ridges.
  3. By installing a windbreak cover in front of the planting part, it suppresses the effects of wind and prevents missing plants and seedlings from falling over.
  4. Large-diameter pneumatic tires with a diameter of 650 mm are used for the rear wheels. Powerful driving and planting are supported even on soft ground.

Easy boarding from the rear

You can board from the rear steps of the unit, so you can easily get on without stomping the ridges.

Engine horsepower

High horsepower with a maximum output of 4.2PS supports highly efficient work.

Control levers are positioned at the center at hand

The control levers are positioned on the panel in the center of the handle on the rear of the unit so that it is easy to operate the machine both for driving and planting.

Spacious workplace

The space around the worker's feet are also spacious. Secured a working space so that workers can supply seedlings with plenty of room.

Multifunctional stand

The front stand can be removed and used as a spare seedling container stand. In addition, the rear stand can be pulled up with one touch.


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