KUBOTA Rice Mill Machine Super MEIHAKURAKU VM-30C

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This rice mill machine can control the amount of polishing rice bran between brown rice to complete white rice.

Efficiency: 160 to 180 kg/hour for normal white rice.


Vertical design

It is a vertical type rice mill that does not leave residue of rice.

Stable control

The whiteness is controlled by finely adjusting the pressure of the milled rice by detecting the voltage during rice milling. The whiteness is adjusted by 16 levels.

Bran level sensor

The sensor will detect the amount of rice bran and it will stop operation when the cyclone or bran boxes are full.


Model Name VM-30C
equipped with a cyclone box
160 to 180 (normal white rice)
150 to 170 (cleaned white rice)
Power (kW) 3.0
L x W x H (mm)
687 x 474 x 1042 (rice mill)
450 x 350 x 1376 (cyclone box)
Weight (kg) 103 (rice mill)
25 (cyclone box)
Power Voltage (V) AC 200 (3-phases)
Brown rice hopper capacity (kg) 13
Rice bran capacity (kg) Aprox. 8

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