KUBOTA Rice Color Sorting Machine for White & Brown Rice KG-S50X2

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Easy-to-use, professional-use rice color sorting machine.

5-inch rice huller direct connection type rice color sorting machine.

Available for both white and brown rice.

High efficient 2100 kg/h model.


KUBOTA color sorting machines use 3 cameras.

Two cameras (reflective camera) in the front and rear always detect colored grains such as rice spotted with bugs and burnt grains.

In addition, a third camera (transmission camera) detects immature grains such as milky white (white rice), allowing for simultaneous sorting of both milky white and white rice at the same time, without compromising the sorting system for colored grains.

By using LED lights, warm-up time of 5 minutes is significantly shorter than conventional fluorescent lamps.

There is almost no waiting time from power-on to the start of work.

Stable sorting is possible because brightness fluctuates little even when used for long periods of time.

By using LED lighting, no replacement is required for approximately 10 years, even when used 10 hours a day, every day.

Compared to the fluorescent lamps of conventional models, the machine life has been greatly improved.

The part where rice flows can be removed with a single touch, without tools, and easily cleaned with a standard equipped air gun.

The rear side as well as the front side can be opened for easy maintenance.


Basic Performance


Groove chute x 50 lanes

Processing Capacity 

2.1t/h (when defective rice mixing rate is 10% or less)

Sorting target 

Defective rice such as colored grains, damaged grains, immature rice, dead rice, etc., foreign matter such as fir, glass, stones, grass seed, resin, etc.


Sensing method 

Digital line sensor camera x 3 units

Light source 

LED x 1 each front and rear

Green (for brown rice)

Blue (for white rice)

Number of ejectors 

50 pieces


1 for material loading, 1 for discharging good rice

Tension hopper capacity 


Material supply system 

Vibration feeder


Operation display 

4.3-inch color LCD touch panel + switch + elimination monitor

Sorting mode 

Brown rice, white rice, brown rice, glutinous rice, white rice

Automatic sensitivity adjustment (auto-tuning function)


Sensitivity setting assist function 



External Dimensions 

Width 770mm x Depth 1,340mm x Height 1,880mm

Discharge height 

Good:1440mm, Bad:260mm

Product Weight 


Power source 

AC100V single-phase 50/60Hz 550W

Operating environment conditions 

Temperature: 0~40°C, Humidity: 20~80% (non-condensing)


Air consumption 



Recommended compressor 2.2kW (with dryer, oilless type)

Air connection form 

3/8 one-touch coupler (male)

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