Kubota Full Automatic Onion Transplanter 4 Rows OPK-4

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The Full Automatic Onion Transplanter transplants 4 rows in both mulch-covered and open field by pushing it.

Highly efficient with a 4-row planting fully automatic design.


  • Easy planting operation by one person .
  • Four rows planting simultaneously. 400 plants can be planted at a high rate per minute. In addition, because the planting distance is constant, you can dig smoothly with a harvester.
  • For both mulch-covered and bare ground.
  • 23 seedling flats can be mounted, and it plants 240 m continuously.
  • The nursery flats are easily taken out by sliding the preparation table at rear side.
  • Compared with semi-automatic transplanters, seedling preparation work during transplantation is easier and faster, and the planting area per day can be increased.
  • With the manual type Monroe mechanism, the planting depth can be kept constant even for ridges with different heights on the left and right, and stable planting work is possible.
  • The planting unit can be adjusted up and down and can be planted at an appropriate planting depth along with the ridge shape.

Safety feature

The engine will not start unless the main clutch is set to "off" and the main transmission is set to "neutral", so there is no worry about sudden starting.

Sliding rear seedling

You can take the seedling box smoothly by sliding features.

Work light

Even in the early morning or evening work, you can maintain a good view and work comfortably.

Folding stand

Because the rear wheel rises, the wheel distance can be easily adjusted to fit the ridge width without tools.

Steps for seedling supply

You can put one foot on the step so that you do not step on the planting surface when supplying seedlings.

Compact design

Can be mounted on a mini truck. Convenient for transportation.


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