Kubota 2 rows 10.5ps Mini Harvester ER211NG w/i Grain Tank 270L and Auger

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・Harvesting ready with just the push of a button.

With a single button, you can activate automatic adjustments for engine rotation, threshing clutch, automatic row depth, and harvesting clutch.

After pressing the button, the lamp will flash until the preparation is complete. Once preparation is finished, it will remain illuminated.

・Mowing without stepping on unmowed stubble!

This machine allows you to work without stepping on unmowed plants, no matter where you are mowing from. Therefore, the combine can mow areas that were previously mowed by hand, such as the entrance of the field, the four corners, and the edge of the furrows.

 ・Grain tank

The use of a grain tank reduces the frequency of discharge operations, allowing continuous mowing for long periods of time.
Moreover, it is convenient because it eliminates the need to carry heavy bags of rice.
The long unloader enables efficient discharge from the field without being affected by waterways or banks.
The unloader tip can be lowered to the height of the sacks, which allows the operator to pick up the sacks.




・HP: 10.5 PS
・Size: 1420 × 2650 × 1720 mm
・Grain tank: 270L



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