Kubota Carrot Harvester Carrovester Pro Container Type CH-151

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This Carrot Harvester harvests efficiently 15,000 pcs per hour. After harvesting carrots, the machine cuts leaves and loads carrots into plastic containers.

This is the high efficient harvesters designed for medium to large carrot farms.


Working speed 0.6 m/s - Maximum working speed

Employs a high-power E-TVCS engine, enabling high-speed work. The E-TVCS engine has clean exhaust, low vibration and noise, and is comfortable for long hours of work.

Easy driving operation - HST step-less shift

You can switch between forward and reverse and change the vehicle speed with a single lever. Since it is a non-clutch, there is little shock and it can run smoothly.

More than 15,000 carrots per hour can be harvested!

The number of harvests per hour is over 15,000 pcs.


Easy for assistants - Equipped with assistant seat

Sorting work can be done easily by adopting the assistant seat. (option)

Even for entangled leaves - "Constant speed harvesting chain"

Because the harvesting chain rotates at a constant speed regardless of the vehicle speed, high harvesting performance is demonstrated. Even if the leaves are tangled, it can be reliably harvested.

The cut surface is beautiful - Tapping chain

Kubota's original movable chain holds the leaves, aligns the root of leaves, and sends it to the cutting blade. Regardless of carrot size and digging height, the cut surface of leaves is uniform and clean.

Clean leaves processing roller

After cutting the leaves, the leaves and soil of the carrots are removed by a treatment roller and sent backwards. After rough sorting, only clean carrots can be stored in containers.

Easy digging operation - One lever adjustment

The operation of harvesting and lowering the digging position and changing direction is easy with one lever. The digging depth can be adjusted quickly and the alignment of row can be done accurately.


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