KOSHIN Bilge Water Pump New Bilge King BK-12


Sale price¥33,350 JPY



For pumping out bilge water, rainwater, and oil that stays on the bottom of the ship.

The BK-12 is small pump which is best for small boat.


  • Auto-stop function without worrying about empty driving. Automatically stops when drainage is complete.
  • Easy-to-use start switch. The fuse and switch are integrated, making maintenance easy.
    The switch can be installed in an easy-to-use place away from the main body.
  • A strainer that is easy to clean. A strainer that is easy to disassemble and assemble is very convenient.
  • Special synthetic resin strainers and switch boxes that are not resistant to seawater and oil will not deteriorate for a long period of time.
  • Mounting is the same size as other companies from wiring to mounting pitch.


Model BK-12
Inlet and drainage outlet diameter 15 mm
Maximum drainage 20 liters / min
Voltage DC-12V
Current 10 A
Self-pumping height 1 m
Self-pumping time 2 to 5 seconds (at 20 Celsius degree )
Rated time 10 minutes
Weight 2.3 kg

Standard equipped accessories

Start switch with code: 1
Strainer: 1
Delivery nozzle: 1
Delivery nozzle nut: 1
Hose 3m: 1
Tapping screws:
5x10: 4 pieces
4x20: 4 pieces
4x10: 4 pieces
4x16: 1 piece

Fuse 15A: 1 piece

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