KOSHIN All-In-One Engine Power Sprayer 50L Tank 4 Wheels MS-ERH50TH85

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Perfect sprayer for wide area disinfection, herbicides and pest control in fields and gardens.

Twin piston type high pressure pump is used.

Honda engine, 50 liter tank and carrier are integrated with a 8.5 mm diameter 50 m long hose with various nozzles.


  • It can spray over 4 m high tree using the included nozzle for high tree.
  • Twin-piston 4-cycle Honda engine.
  • Applicable to herbicide and disinfection by changing the pressure at 6 levels with the dial (max. 3.0MPa pressure).
  • 3 types of nozzles are included (G1/4 thread).


Model MS-ERH50TH85
Pump Type Double piston pump
Sprayer Tank capacity 50L
Nozzle Flexible single-headed nozzle, foamy weeding double-headed nozzle, vertical double-headed nozzle
Spray switching
Nozzle pipe length 62 to 109 cm
Hose φ8.5 x 50m
Spout connection screw
Spray amount 1.1 to 4.8 L/min
Maximum pressure 3.0MPa (30kgf/cm2)
Regular spray pressure
Working liquid Liquid quality Insecticide chemical, disinfectant chemical, herbicide chemical
Liquid temperature
Engine Type Forced air-cooled 4-stroke gasoline engine
Model (manufacturer: name) Honda: GX25
Displacement 25 cm3 (cc)
Continuous rated output
Maximum output 0.72 kW (1.0 PS) / 7,000 min-1
Fuel Unleaded gasoline for automobiles
Mixing ratio -
Fuel tank capacity 0.53L
Fuel tank capacity (red level) -
Engine oil 4 cycle engine oil
Engine oil capacity 80cc
Approximate fuel consumption About 40 minutes
Estimated fuel consumption (red level) -
Starting method Recoil starter system
Spark plug (manufacturer/part number) NGK: CM5H or equivalent
Weight 40kg
Accessories 1 free single-headed nozzle
1 foamy weeding double-headed nozzle
1 vertical double-headed nozzle
1 two-stage telescopic nozzle pipe joint
1 grip
1 untwisted, discharge hose (φ8. 5 x 50 m)
1 suction hose (0.9 m)
1 spill hose (0.8 m)
1 reel handle
2 reel handle bolts
1 strainer
1 jubilee band
1 oil change bottle

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