KIORITZ Ridge Mower Double-Cut AZ646F

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A lightweight 2WD ridge mower with free blades ideal for mowing high ridges and ridge side in rice fields.

By using a dedicated engine and special wheels that are resistant to slopes, it is possible to mow grass on a variety of slopes.

With a flexible handle that can be adjusted up, down, left and right, as well as length, and a special structure that allows mowing in forward or backward motion, the operator can mow grass in high ridges in a more comfortable position by simply going back and forth in a place with good footing.


  • Balanced design that significantly reduces push-down weight when turning
  • Equipped with a backward function that is convenient when unloading from the truck or leaving the field.
  • Free blades type


Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1780 x 880 x 940
Weight (kg) 69
Cutting width (mm) 600
Cutting height (mm) 10 to 70 (4 steps adjustment)
Engine model GB181PN
Maximum engine output (kW) 4.6
Mower blade 8 free knives
Working speed (km/h) F:1.1, 1.9 R:1.5
Drive system Front and rear wheels driven simultaneously
Front wheel Spike wheels (φ306)
Rear wheel Wide lug tire 12×5.50-6

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