Keibuntech 2 Rows Vacuum Vegetable Seeder SA-32

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Keibuntech Vacuum Vegetable Seeders will precisely sow vegetable seeds by vacuum method.

It will reduce the waste of seeds.

The vacuum pressure adsorbs the desired number of seeds to the nozzle and forcibly sows at positive pressure, so the seeds are not damaged, the germination rate is not reduced, and high-quality crops will grow.


  • By adopting a slide handle, sowing work can be done easily even at corners in your farm.
  • The newly developed small seeding rotor makes the whole frame compact.
  • Quick attachment / detachment of the sowing unit and removal of residual seeds!
  • LED display to prevent over-discharge of the battery. It notifies you when to charge.



Model Name SA-32
The number of planting rows 2
Row distance (mm) 120 to 180
Sowing interval (mm) 30 to 260
(sprocket exchange type)
Sowing hopper capacity (L) 1.2 L x 2 pcs
Cultivating method Stainless steel W discs
Motor output DC12V 146W (two 73W)
Battery DC12V 12Ah
Fuse 125V 10A
Applicable vegetable seeds Spinach, radish, Japanese mustard spinach, turnip, etc.
Dimensions (mm) 1270 x 330 x 780
Weight (kg) 18.5
  • 16 x S3 nozzle 0.9-1 hole
  • 8 x S3 nozzle 0.4-1 hole
  • 1 set of sprockets
    (10TX1, 12TX1, 13TX1, 14TX1)
  • 1 x Spanner
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 1 x Charger


Sprocket Number of nozzles
Front wheel side Intermediate shaft 8 4 2
14 10 30mm 60mm 120mm
13 10 35mm 70mm 140mm
13 12 40mm 80mm 160mm
12 12 45mm 90mm 180mm
12 13 50mm 100mm 200mm
10 13 60mm 120mm 240mm
10 14 65mm 130mm 260mm

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