Katakura Spring Onion Transplanter PNK-01

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This is a transplanter that plants spring onion (Chinese chives). It is equipped with a container holder and a seedling table. The pressing wheels are driven by the main shaft. The transplanter plants at aligned pitches.

The Spring Onions Transplanter has been developed according to the requests by many spring onions farmers. Just by putting seedlings on the planting parts from the seat position, the Transplanter will transplant and press down the soil for you.


It is equipped with rubber wheels for transportation.

It has a crawler spring that supports operation on various kind of fields. The crawler spring absorbs the shock and decrease the damage on wheel and driving parts even in the field with small rocks.

The handle rotates by 5 steps up/down and left/right. It is convenient for the work in small spaces like in green houses.

By changing the position of transportation wheels, it can be operated over the ridges.

The transplanter has a guide wheel that makes transplanting more stable.

The guide wheel is foldable. By unfolding the wheel, the transplanter will operate stably.

The transplanter is equipped with a container holder and seedling table that will help an operator. The container holder is roll type that does not bother a driver when they get on and off of the seat.

The planting spacing is fixed by changing the sprocket after taking off the pressing wheels. If the pressing wheels do not rotate smoothly, please loosen the two bolts and adjust them.

The standard equipment is the 28 cm (21T) sprocket. It is equipped with 30 cm (23T) and 25 cm (19T) sprockets as well.


Model PNK-01
Dimension Transportation Length (mm) 2,255
Width (mm)



Height (mm) 1,205
Driving Length (mm) 2,305
Width (mm)



Height (mm) 1,005
Weight (kg) 185
Engine Engine model GB131LN
Type Air cooling 4 cycle gasoline engine
Total displacement (L) 0.126
Rated output✁E/span>Max. output?@(kW [PS]✁E/span> 2.3 [3.1] / 3.0 [4.2]
Fuel Automobile regular gasoline
Fuel tank capacity(L) 2.5
Starting method Recoil starter method

The number of seedling holders

Drive method Driven by pressing wheel shaft
Pressing wheel diameter (mm) Diameter 422 x Width 55

Planting method

Manual providing seedling receiving insertion method
Planting condition 1 row
Applicable ridge width (mm) 450 to 500
Applicable ridge height (mm) 150
Planting distance (cm)

25 / 28 / 30

Planting distance adjustment By changing the sprocket at planting drive shaft
Driving Driving method Iron crawler
Sub wheels 3.00-8?@?@2PR
Transportation wheel 5.00-12?@2PR
The number of shift Forward 4, backward 2?@(switching high/low)

Driving speed(km/h)
(with transportation wheel)
At max. engine rotation speed

High Forward 1st: 2.70 Forward 2nd: 4.78 Backward 1st: 2.25
Low Forward 1st: 1.31 Forward 2nd: 2.38 Backward 1st: 1.12

Operating speed(km/h)
(with iron crawler)
At max. engine rotation speed

High Forward 1st: 1.75 Forward 2nd: 3.13 Backward 1st: 1.47
Low Forward 1st: 0.86 Forward 2nd: 1.53 Backward 1st: 0.72

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