Kanto Noki Tobacco Harvest Vehicle KS-3C

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It is a helper furrow work vehicle that has been loved for many years by tobacco farmers.

Improved workability for core fixing, side bud removal, all kinds of management work, leaf tobacco harvesting and transportation.

The 4-wheel drive and low center of gravity design makes the machine stable even in poor conditions such as on slopes.

Adopted a long muffler considering exhaust gas.

In addition, since there is an operation lever on the chair side, it is possible to operate while sitting.


  • Maximum output 4.2 horsepower
  • 4 forward speeds / 4 backward speeds
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Equipped with foot stop pedal

  • Equipped with a new engine that meets exhaust gas regulations. The clean exhaust makes the engine friendly to workers and the environment.
  • You can work without worrying about exhaust with the extension muffler. In addition, it is very convenient for transportation and storage because it can be removed with one touch from the joint part.

  • It features a four-wheel drive with a low center of gravity. Stable work even on slopes.
  • Since the levers such as the change lever and clutch lever are at hand, you can operate them while sitting down.


Sales model KS-3C
Dimensions Length x Width x Height (mm) 2,200 x 435 x 1,540
Unit width (mm) to center (Length) 1000
Machine weight (kg) 116.5
Engine Model GB131-LN
Type Air-cooled 4-cycle inclined gasoline engine (OHV)
Displacement (L{cc}) 0.126 (126)
Maximum output (kW{PS}) 3.0 (4.2)
Fuel used Unleaded gasoline for automobiles
Fuel tank (L) 2.5
Starting method Recoil starter
Air cleaner method 4 forward gears / 4 reverse gears
Driving part Number of gears Belt tension
Main clutch 3.50-5
Vehicle width (mm) 300,350,390
Amount of oil
Engine SAE30# (L) 0.5
Mission case SAE90(80)#(L) 1.0

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