Kanto Noki Strawberry Ridging Machine 6.3 Horsepower K652P

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This Ridging Machine has a 6.3 horsepower engine. 

It makes both high ridges and low ridges about 10 cm with high pressure. The pressing parts utilize cushion boards that are open and close powered by PTO (power take-off). The pressing parts are designed to be tough and strong by reducing the number of components.

The Ridging Machine is a compact and light-weight power tiller type machine.


  • The machine is designed to be compact considering use in small plastic greenhouse.
  • It doesn’t require complicate settings or maintenances.
  • This is a push cart type machine, and that is convenient to make high ridges.
  • We have different types of the ridging machines chosen according to the condition of the soil.


Model K652P
Dimension Length x Width x Height 1,555 x 847 x 931
Weight (kg) 108
Engine Model GB181LN-377
Type Air-cooling 4 cycle tilted gasoline engine (OHV)
Displacement (L{cc}) 0.181(181)
Max. Output (kW{PS}) 4.6(6.3)
Fuel Unleaded gasoline for automobile
Fuel tank(L) 3.0
Starting method Recoil starter (with helper starter)
Air cleaning method Man type oil bath
Driving The number of shifts Forward 4, backward 2
Main clutch Belt tension
Wheel diameter Outer diameter 28 round shaft
Rotary The number of shifts Normal rotation 1
Tilling width 280
Handle adjustment Fixed, one-touch up/down
Oil amount Engine SAE30#(L) 0.6
Transmission case SAE90(80)#(L) 3.5


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