Kanto Noki Spring Onion Transplanter KN-1

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This is a riding type semi-automatic transplanter for planting Chinese chives. It transplants spring onions and presses down the soil.

You just need to provide seedlings of spring onions directly to the planting parts.

It is operated by controlling the foot clutch and the accelerator lever at the handle while driving.



It has a high power engine that is 6.3 horse power that achieves high tractive force and increases torque at low speed.

It has pressing rollers made of special resin plastic. The rollers are light-weight and remove dirt well. The large rollers press down the soil while transplanting. The machine is able to transplant at fixed and aligned pitch.

It improves the work environment. The seat and the seedling table are designed to be at high position that decrease the labor and increase the operation efficiency. It is also equipped with a seat that slides forward and backward with cushion which provide an operator a comfortable work position.

It increases mobility. The Transplanter has a side clutch that helps to turn during driving and transplanting. It is equipped with two wheels for transportation that makes it easier to load and unload to and from a truck safely.

The durability was improved by strengthening the suspension. It will prevent pins from cutting off. It is also easy to adjust crawlers.


Model KN-1
Length x width x height Dimension 2,200(during operation 2,240) x 740 to 1,125 x 820
Weight (kg) Driving 164 / Transportation 182
Engine Engine model GB181-LN
Type Air cooling 4 cycle tilted gasoline engine (OHV)
Max. Output(kW{PS}) 4.6(6.3)
Fuel Automobile non-lead gasoline
Fuel tank (L) 3.0
Starting method Recoil starter
Driving Driving system Iron crawler
Side wheel 3.00-8
Transportation wheel 4.00-8 (2 standard equipment)
The number of shifting Forward 2, backward 2 (includes sub transmission)
Planting The number of seedling holders 11
Driving method Pressing roller drive
Pressing roller dimension (mm) Diameter 510 x Width 70
Planting method Seedling manual provided to unit chain rubber method
Applicable row distance(mm) 245 to 910
Applicable ridge depth (mm) 50 to 200
Planting distance (mm) 280 (with optional sprocket 250, 300)
Planting distance adjustment By changing the sprocket at planting shaft
Oil amount Engine SAE30#(L) 0.55
Mission case SAE90(80)#(L) 2.4

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