Kanto Noki Cross-Ridge High Clearance Transport Vehicle KYU-S-3

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This is a low loading type carrier that is easy to load.

It is a transport vehicle that can be handled freely with simple operation.

If the wheel track is reduced to the minimum, it can be loaded on a small truck.

The tread can be adjusted in 100mm increments from 1200 to 2000mm.

The shift lever can be switched regardless of the front and back of the vehicle.



  • Equipped with one main clutch at the front and back, you can freely start and stop. The forward/reverse switching lever is also easy to operate.
  • Equipped with one front and one side clutch for turning assistance. Combined with the main clutch equipped with one front and one back, the usability is different.
  • If the wheel track is reduced to the minimum, it can be easily moved on a small truck.
  • In order not to damage the loaded crops, we have adopted a tire drive that does not rattle even when traveling on paved roads.


Model KYU-S-3
Dimensions Length x Width x Height (mm) 1,540 x 1,550 (2,350) x 850 (clearance 750)
Width (mm) to Center 1200 to 2000
Machine weight (kg) 160
Engine Model GB131
Type Air-cooled 4-cycle inclined gasoline engine (OHV)
Displacement (L{cc}) 0.126 (126)
Maximum output (kW{PS}) 3.0 (4.2)
Fuel type Unleaded gasoline for automobiles
Fuel tank (L) 2.5
Starting method Recoil starter
Driving Number of gears 2 forward gears, 2 backward gears (including sub-transmission)
Main clutch Belt tension
Wheel diameter/Width (mm) Drive wheel 400-12 Caster 300-10
Maximum load (kg) 250
Amount of oil
Engine SAE30# (L) 0.6
Mission case SAE90(80)#(L) 1.5

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