Kanryu Rice Husking Stoner ST122

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In the countries of ASEAN and Africa, numbers of rice farmers are spending hours removing stones by hands after they sun-dry their rice.

However, still there are small stones mixed in the rice which cause a failure in the milling machine or its spare parts to be replaced early. To solve this problem, Kanryu developed a machine to remove stones from sun-dried rice.

By releasing farmers from stone removing process, it contributes to labor saving for rice farmers. By removing stones before milling process, it prevents a damage to milling machines. Kanryu's Rice Husking Machine makes possible to provide the quality safe rice.


  • A detachable sorting net shall be set before operating.
  • The net can be selected either for Indica rice or for parboiled rice.


Motor Single-phase 220V
Tank Capacity Unhulled rice 20 kg
Brown rice 30 kg
Operating Capacity 280 to 330 kg/h

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